Prepaid Ventures Becomes ExpanseFT


NY | October 20, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Prepaid Ventures, a leader in providing full-service cloud-based payment solutions announced today that it has changed its name to Expanse Financial Technologies, Inc., LTD. The company will operate under the name ExpanseFT.

"This is an exciting milestone for our business," declared Andrew Siden, ExpanseFT's CEO. "The ExpanseFT name embodies our mission to provide a broad spectrum of scalable financial products including credit, debit, prepaid and crypto solutions. Our powerful and dynamic platform enables our partners to leverage an ever-expanding range of payment products, services, and support to create extraordinary customer experiences. ExpanseFT is dedicated to creating unique solutions that are proven to deliver trust and positive results."


ExpanseFT empowers partners to customize their FinTech relationship and select from full-service solutions ranging from white label card issuing program management and full cycle collection, disbursement, and ACH services to focused use case-oriented experiences. Partners have the flexibility to take advantage of an expansive catalog of managed services or simply integrate their existing environment into ExpanseFT's powerful API set.


ExpanseFT capitalizes on strong strategic partnerships and years of industry experience. "We're seeing a growing need for someone to bridge the gap between those seeking financial solutions and today's complex payments infrastructure," said Siden. "We've run our own successful business utilizing the same solutions we are now proud to offer to our partners. We know there's a need out there and we're excited to solve this problem in the industry."


About ExpanseFT


ExpanseFT is a full-service cloud-based payments solutions provider based in New York. ExpanseFT's platform leverages powerful technology, dedicated and knowledgeable team members, and years of industry experience to offer solutions to partners and consumers. ExpanseFT offers custom technology solutions, award-winning in-house customer service, vigilant compliance, and fraud monitoring services, and a solutions-oriented approach to create exceptional partnerships and user experiences.




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