Prepaid Ventures: Delivering Cloud-Based Payments Solutions

Prepaid Ventures, LTD. has been proudly featured for the second year in a row as The Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Providers 2020 by Banking CIO Outlook.


"From full-service program management to consultative services, we strive to deliver excellence and an unrivaled client experience"

Andrew Siden

Andrew Siden, CEO at Prepaid Ventures:


Across industries, companies are leveraging cloud technology to drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and numerous other advantages. While the fintech space is still in the early stages of cloud adoption, growth is occurring at a steady pace. Several fintech platforms have emerged with innovative cloud-based payment processing services, which are beneficial to businesses and users. At the forefront of this revolution in the fintech market is Prepaid Ventures, one of the leading cloud-based payment processing, program management, and prepaid debit card solutions provider. PrePaid Ventures is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions and financial management technologies to businesses looking to grow and evolve into the electronic payments network. “From full-service program management to consultative services, we strive to deliver excellence and an unrivaled client experience,” states Andrew Siden, Founder and CEO of Prepaid Ventures.


Initially, Prepaid Venture’s journey began with the launch of NexsCard, a prepaid debit card, but over time, the company evolved and developed its proprietary payment processing platform. For businesses looking to enter the electronic payments marketplace, Prepaid Ventures provides a wide range of customizable financial products that includes multiple wallets, online bill pay, direct deposit, mobile apps, websites, IVR’s and more. The solutions function as a foundation that enables companies to grow their customer base and benefit from new technological trends. Prepaid Ventures follows a consultative approach, which involves understanding a client’s needs and their customer base. This is because the goal is to ultimately become a partner to the client rather than be limited to a transactional relationship. And as each client has a unique vision, Prepaid Ventures does not rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.


Moreover, Prepaid Ventures places great emphasis on customer service and technology, ensuring that all the needs are met.


The company’s in-house call center is operational 7 days a week and can be reached through various channels to provide customers a more personal experience. Prepaid Venture’s customer service department maintains track of the customer journey and determines the feasibility of rolling out new features by their development team. For instance, Prepaid Ventures will introduce a companion card product to their flagship program, NexsCard. Backed by an expert team of professionals with years of financial experience and robust infrastructure, Prepaid Ventures can remain agile and evolve alongside the ever-changing financial space. Whether it is complying with regulatory changes enforced by the government or implementing stringent security measures, Prepaid Ventures ensures the most positive outcomes for customers in the card and payment industry.


To further illustrate the company’s capabilities, Sidenmentions the case of a payroll provider that wanted to reduce their day-to-day processing of physical checks and also decrease costs. Prepaid Ventures utilized its consultative approach to determine that the client wanted the ability to manage payroll processing from start to finish via a digital solution. Following this, Prepaid Ventures delivered the tools and resources required to implement an automated payroll processing system that empowered the company to scale from a local provider to a nationwide presence.


In recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses, and social distancing has become the norm. Prepaid Ventures is providing the digital resources that allow users to complete transactions from the convenience of their homes through cloud-based mobile applications and digital wallets. Further, the company is launched a product that will allow users to take a picture of a check, which is then automatically verified by the check-cashing store, and the amount is deposited to their account. Moving forward, Prepaid Ventures aims to continue developing more financial solutions and enhancing features of existing products to remain competitive in the cloud-based payment environment. With customized payment solutions, Prepaid Ventures is committed to providing customers unparalleled and more personal experiences.  


About Prepaid Ventures

Prepaid Ventures, LTD. entered the financial market with the aim of providing customers of alternative financial centers a financially inclusive product, making e-commerce, and other electronic payments universally accessible. Today, as one of the leading providers of payment processing, program management, and prepaid debit card solutions, Prepaid Ventures also leverages its in-house technology to launch other products for itself as well as third parties.


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